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Document Revisions

Changes to this SDK document as listed below.

Date   Change
 11/19/12  Initial BETA version released for developers
 12/12/12  Added device type information for new device based technology API
 12/21/12  Added descriptions of the cslPageBuilder functions, updates to device types
  • New help files now include base help file and scripting documentation for the developer's edition.
  • Extensive updates to the Devices section including CAPI and Value/Status-Value/Graphic pairs, and Device_Type information.
  • Much of the scripting reference for Events is updated, new commands documented: AddDeviceActionToEvent, EventSetTimeTrigger, EventSetRecurringTrigger, Event_Group_Info, Event_Group_Info_All, Event_Info, Event_Info_All, and Event_Info_Group
  • Some deprecated commands removed.
  • Technology APIs update for Thermostat API and Music API.
  • Change made to prevent special characters for plug-in Name properties with the exception of space, dash, and period.
 1/16/13  Reworked much of the MusicAPI
  • Added ButtonRender_Row/Column to the value/status pairs. 
  • Added CONTROL_POPUP to the device MISC bits - when set, indicates that the device's controls should appear in a pop-up window rather than on the device utility page.
 2/5/13  Changed references of Music API to Media API 
 2/6/13  Added pages for AdditionalDisplayData and ScaleText
 2/15/13  Removed ButtonPress and updated the device type information in the scripting API to reference the fact that a device type will now indicate devices that can launch a script when the value or string changes.  New properties were added to the DeviceClass in the scripting API to hold the script name and function name in the script.
 3/6/13  Clarified HasConditions
 6/21/13  Updated Testing Your Package section
 7/11/13  Added DeviceVSP_GetAllStatus which returns all Status/Both value/status pairs so that the status values for a device may be enumerated.
 Added ControlUse to VSPair and CAPIControl object - this eNum indicates a control use for lighting including On, Off, Dim, and On_Alternate states.
 12/9/13  Added jqListBoxEx
 6/10/14  Modifications to the MusicAPI (Technology APIs) and associated enums
 9/4/14  Added JSON section 
3/10/14  Changed return value for JSON getsetting
 7/10/15  Added more JSON functions for HS3 version
 1/16/17  Added details on supporting Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT
 11/15/17 Added "misc" property to "getstatus" command which includes various device settings (HS3 required)
 12/11/17 Added more detail to Alexa and Google Home support section
 11/12/18 Modified submission procedure to reference new plugin portal, updated install.txt docs, updated API constants 
 2/22/19 Added clarification on the parent/child relationship and requirements
 2/25/19 Added clarification on the use of PlugExtraData
 2/25/19 Updated JSON section with the latest functions
 5/14/19 Updated required URL for accessing JSON through the MyHS service
 6/5/19 Updated getstatus call with new options for HS